A Cheaper Way to Live and Get Ahead – Own a Recreation Vehicle (RV)

Get ahead and live easier.

You could go out and finance a home or land which benefits the banks. A way for you to benefit and not a bank is to buy an RV.

We’re trained from the time we are children that a dream life is to get a good education, get a good job, get married, buy a home and we will then live happily ever after. Sometimes that is true, but more and more, it is not true.

Think about the cost of owning a home in this current economy. On a thirty year mortgage, you will pay roughly three times the actual amount in payments of the actual price paid for the purchase of the home. For example, on a one hundred thousand dollar home over thirty years, your expenses will be three hundred thousand, two hundred thousand more than the purchase price of the home. The banks love this kind of profit they receive. That is how the executives get rich. You struggle for up to thirty years to make the payments and hope you make it until your possible investment is paid off. If you have trouble and for some reason you cannot make the payments the banks love that, they will gladly take your home. After you have made payments for years on your mortgage, the banks can and will leave you homeless. You the borrower take all the risk and accept a life of struggle and stress. Then you ask yourself, in this current economy of lower wages and job uncertainty, will the home you purchased appreciate in value. Your home might appreciate in value some but it is safe to say it will not appreciate much in value or very little.

A better way is to purchase a reasonably priced Recreational Vehicle. You can buy an older one and put a small amount of money into it to make it travel worthy, or by a more expensive one, that is up to you. But if you shop you can by a decent recreational vehicle to live in for less than the cost of a moderately priced new car. Even if you were to finance one for three to five years, you would be living in it during that time, saving hundreds of dollars a month by not making the mortgage payments to the bank.

Now you ask, “Where do you park the RV?” Well there are many seasonal campgrounds where you pay a minimum cost to plug into electric and water and pay on a monthly basis. You can work out a deal with a person to park it on their land, at their home or business, and farm, for a small monthly fee and they benefit and so do you. Once every week or two depending on your usage you can drive your Recreation vehicle to a dumping station to dispose of its waste.

Now here is the real smart part. You take the savings that you have incurred, while living a much lower stress life, and tuck that money in a safe place. Within a few years you have the cash to buy a home outright with no mortgage. Then you can live in that home with no mortgage years ahead of the others, who took on that thirty year mortgage. At the end you own a Recreational Vehicle; you own your home outright and have money saved from all the years of saving. You will live with no mortgage when the majority of the population still does.

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