8 Arguments Adjusters Use to Damage Your Car Wreck Case

Auto insurance companies use all types of arguments and tactics to avoid paying claims. The following list contains arguments commonly used by insurance adjusters who want to pay you little or nothing for your injuries and other damages.

The insurance company may try to argue that:

1. Your vehicle was the cause of the wreck, due to bald tires, faulty brakes, or tail lights not working. (You need to check to make sure if it’s true or not. The adjustor might just be making it up.)

2. You had “warning of the danger” within enough time to have avoided the accident if only you had been paying attention. (State laws vary. Find out if this is a valid defense.)

3. You could have avoided the accident if you had not been going “too fast for conditions”. (This is one that adjustors throw around very often.)

4. You made an unnecessary and unexpected stop. (Usually bogus. It’s the person following who has the duty to keep a safe distance.)

5. You made a sudden and unsafe lane change without warning. (Is there any proof of this? Or just a red herring?)

6. You gave no “stop” or “turn” signal. (You know if you did or not. Do not be bullied!)

7. There are supposedly no “independent witnesses” who can be found to substantiate your version of what happened. (That’s their tough luck. Your testimony can prove what happened, all by itself.)

8. There are supposedly witnesses the insurance company knows about, who dispute your version of the facts or substantiate the wrongdoer’s version. (Fine, demand that they give you copies of the witness statements. Oftentimes, such statements don’t exist.)


The Insurance Adjuster considers it their job to seek out and find as many defenses and arguments as possible against you in your case. The Adjuster will question you carefully, and NOT always fairly! It all starts when the Adjuster “Just wants to take your statement”. Do NOT give the insurance company a statement until AFTER you talk to an attorney.

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The Best Breweries Near Me Also Show Movies

American consumers are constantly raising the bar on the services and products they are willing to spend their hard earned cash on. Meanwhile, the craft beer craze continues to grow as newer and more innovative brews are created and made wildly popular. Local brew houses and craft beers are quickly gaining in popularity and-when combined as one industry- are beginning to seriously compete with big name brands. But, were you aware that some of the best breweries for local craft beer also actually show movies in a theater as well? If you are wondering, “where are the best breweries near me?”- read on.

1. Craft Beers

Come for the beers and stay for the films or vice versa. Either way a cinema brewery offers a great place to relax and enjoy some great craft beers made locally. They can be enjoyed before, after, or even during the film of your choice. There are many styles and brew types to enjoy:

· Wheat beers- Spiced with coriander and citrus

· Ales- A dark amber ale perfectly suited for pairing with food as well as a golden ale.

· IPA- India Pale Ales are some of the most popular beers currently, especially for craft breweries

· Stouts- For those who enjoy thick malty and creamy beers that are full bodied.

2. Food/Service

At a cinema brewery you can not only enjoy a new release of a special event film, but you can have amazing food served right to you while you do it. Serving classic American style cuisine such as sandwiches, burgers, and chicken fingers, you can also eat in a more health conscious manner enjoying salads or a healthy wrap. Of course no dinner is complete without dessert as well. Pair with the craft beer of your choice and a new release and you have a recipe for a fun and fulfilling evening with your date or loved ones.

3. New releases and events

With summer right around the corner, there will be plenty of new releases and anticipated films coming out. The best theaters from all across the country will be screening the newest action films, dramas, and comic book based movies. It is up to you if you want to enjoy them while also enjoying locally brewed craft beers. Perfect for date night movies you can kill two birds with one stone and enjoy a fun filled evening of dinner and a movie altogether in one experience.

For your next date or weekend outing with your significant other, check out a movie and enjoy some craft beer.

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RV Dealers: How To Find the Best Prices

Buying an RV may seem like an exciting decision, but before you jump headfirst into a travel trailer you must perform your due diligence. One of the biggest mistakes a first-time buyer can do is to simply judge an option based on face value. Before seeking out those RV dealers, first perform the right research to make sure you know exactly what to expect out of your new recreational vehicle.

So many new buyers of a recreational vehicle get caught up in the excitement of owning one that they neglect to account for all of the different costs. One of the best things to remember is that buying an RV is like a mixture of buying a car and a house, and it has various concerns stemming from both aspects.

The first factor to consider is the ongoing maintenance requirements of these vehicles. Since they are much larger than a car, they have much more frequent and costly maintenance. Though some models are going to be more manageable, others can become quite expensive, so it is important that you find one that fits your budget. Alternatively, you may want to learn some of the maintenance yourself to save some money down the road.

After accounting for potential maintenance costs, you need to remind yourself that insurance can be much more expensive. Make sure that you account for this expense before your trip to the RV dealers. While considering those additional expenses, also remember that these vehicles get much lower gas mileage than normal cars, and gas costs can rack up quickly. If you intend to drive your travel trailer often, make sure to find one that you can afford to pay for.

Next, remember that your new vehicle will need to be stored when it is not in use, so look for a place that you can afford to store it securely. If you hope to avoid some of that gas cost while moving to and from storage, you might also need to make sure you are capable of towing the RV with your normal vehicle.

Finally, look at the actual features that you need. Do you want a nice kitchen facility, or just a small galley? Are you looking for a ride that can include Internet access while on the go? With so many different options to choose from, it is important that you find one large enough while still getting all of the features you are looking for.

By keeping all of this in mind, you can ensure that your search for RV dealers is as efficient as possible. This way, you spend more time looking at actual options and less time worrying about whether your new recreational vehicle will really fit your needs.

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Ten Must Have Foods For New Mothers


After pregnancy, when you are a new mother, several responsibilities do come. You will have to shoulder not only your own responsibility but also the responsibility of your newborn child. It is the prime time for the mental as well as physical development of your child which will surely echo in the near future of your baby. So, it is not the time to compromise with your health, else in a way you are sure to compromise with the health and development of your child indirectly.

What are the top 10 foods that are quite essential for new moms?

Now let us get to have a quick glance at some of the must-have foods for new moms. The 10 must have foods are given as under:

  1. Green leafy vegetables: Well, this one is that particular food item that tops the list due to its variety of benefits. Green leafy vegetables include broccoli, spinach etc are very much essential for new moms. Green leafy vegetables are very much rich in Vitamin A, iron and vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals help the breastfeeding moms to not only gain nutrients but also to transfer them on to their babies while breastfeeding. Green leafy vegetables have extremely low calorific value and are also a rich source of calcium as well as anti-oxidants. Both of these are extremely required for both the mom as well as her baby.
  2. Milk: The prime food that any lactating mother should opt for at the very beginning is milk. Yes, you heard that right. Milk is quite essential for new moms. If you are a lactating mother and you drink milk on a regular basis, then it will not only help to increase and stimulate your breast milk production but also help you in the development of your baby indirectly. Some of the essential minerals and vitamins that are present in milk include Calcium, Vitamin B, and Vitamin D. Milk also has a huge lot of proteins that will definitely help in the betterment of your health and quick development of your newborn. Milk also has very high water content and hence helps to keep your body hydrated. So, it is highly recommended to have at least 2 glasses of milk in a day.
  3. Salmon: One of the vital foods that are essential for new mothers is salmon. Salmons have a very high amount of DHA. This is a very vital component that actually assists in the development of the neuron and nervous system of newborn babies. What is more, salmon is also rich in protein and vitamin B12, the two major nutrients that are essential for new mothers and the newborns.
  4. Eggs: This protein-rich food needs no formal introduction at all. Eggs are very much essential for the new moms and their newborns. Eggs are also rich in vitamin D. These will definitely help in the development of bones and skeletal system as well as the muscular system of the newborns. So, it is another must food for any new mother. Eggs also contain choline. This is quite essential for the development of the brain of the newborns. So, one egg is essential in a day.
  5. Almonds: Yet, almonds are another wonderful option you can always opt for. Almonds are a very rich source of Vitamin E which is quite essential for your health as well as your child’s healthy. What is more, it also has loads of essential fats that are very much required for the body’s development. One such fat includes omega 3 fatty acids. This component in your diet will help in the production and increase in breast milk that is sure to benefit your child.
  6. Fenugreek: Fenugreek is a must have for every new mother. This is due to the fact that fenugreek is rich in phytoestrogens. This component helps a lot in the increased production of breast milk. What is more, it also has loads of choline as well as sapoline. Both of these are essential for the newborn babies. Moreover, fenugreek also fights flatulence and constipation, both of which are problems among new moms. The fenugreek seeds can be soaked in water overnight, which can be stained and drunk in the morning.
  7. Fennel: Fennel is yet another important food that you can always opt for. Fennel helps a lot in increasing the breast milk in lactating mothers. What is more, it even helps a lot in the process of digestion. This is often referred to as super food when it comes to new moms.
  8. Brown Rice: Brown rice has loads of whole grain carbohydrates. Brown rice helps to keep a check on your blood glucose level. What is more, it has fiber and prevents constipation to a great extent. You will always have a high energy level once you start having brown rice.
  9. Blueberries: Blueberries are a must to include in the diet of all new mothers. This is one fruit that has huge lots of anti-oxidants. What is more, it also has free radicals. Both of these are required to keep your child disease free.
  10. Carrots: Carrots are extremely rich sources of vitamins, especially vitamin A. They not only help to boost the energy levels but also help to keep diseases at bay in case of new mothers. It has beta carotene that is essential during the lactating periods.


Well, these were all the top 10 foods that are a must for new moms. However, it should always be kept in mind, when you are in your lactating periods, you should care for yourself a lot. It will be reflected in your child as well. Try not to choose fast foods or foods that are very spicy. Although at certain times, you may have the tendency to skip meals, but always keep your child’s health in mind. If you are healthy and energetic, your child will also develop better.

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3 European Cities You Have to Visit

There are 3 European cities you have to visit if you love cities built on canals. Each city offers an opportunity to explore and experience it from the pleasure of a boat trip on the canal. These 3 cities are located on a network of canals.




Venice was founded in 421 AD, as a place where people could seek refuge from barbarian invasions. Venice was built on several islands of a lagoon, then linked by bridges. It grew to become an important city. In 828 the reputation of Venice was elevated by the acquisition of the relics of St.Mark the Evangelist, which were placed in San Marco Basilica. Venice is famous for the Murano Glass works. It has a long history of mystery, intrigue and romance. It has been exciting visitors for centuries. Authors and movie makers have set their works in Venice. Henry James said of Venice, “A visit to Venice becomes a perpetual love affair.”

On your first visit to Venice you must see the famous sites. Begin at San Marco Square. Take a water taxi, a vaporetto, from the train station to the square. Sit at one of the outdoor tables and begin to enjoy your Venice experience. You can see St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doges’s Palace, the Campanile bell tower while you sip your tea or coffee or glass of wine. When you are ready stroll to the Tourist Information Office to plan your visit, be sure to include a romantic gondola ride.

The history of Brugge begins in the first century BC, when Julius Caesar built fortifications by to protect the coastal area against pirates. The Golden age of Brugge was from the 12th to the 15th century. The economy was based on shipping. When the main channel silted up Brugge fall behind. It became what some called a dead city, the medieval architecture has remained intact.

Brugge, old city center was named a UNSCO World Heritage site in 2000. Begin your visit in the old city square.Brugges’ most famous landmark is its 13th-century bell tower. Inside is carillon a made up of 48 bells. The city employs a full-time carillonneur, who gives free concerts on a regular basis. Visit the Church of Our Lady and see The Madonna and child sculpture created by Michelangelo. After you visit the City Hall, the Groeninge Museum and other cultural site it is time for a change of pace. Depending on your tastes you can go on The Halve Maan Brewery Tour or visit the famous chocolate shops. Then take a relaxing ride on a Canal tour.

Amsterdam began as a fishing village on the Amstel River. It became a city with the building of the Dam in 1250, giving it the name Amsterdam. It became one of the most important ports in the world. The 17 century was the Golden age of Amsterdam. Today the canals are filled with tour boats, pleasure craft and houseboats.

Amsterdam is a tourist friendly city, it is known for its open-minded atmosphere. Most people speak English. It is an easy city to navigate, you can walk most places. Begin your visit at the Train Station at the Tourist Information Office. You can find everything you will need, maps, tickets and transportation advice. Amsterdam is a city of museums, at the top of the list of must see are Anne Frank House, Rijks Museum, Van Gogh Museum. If you are in Amsterdam in the spring be sure to take a Keukenhof Garden Tour.

Depending on your interests you may like to take an evening walking tour of the Red Light district or visit the Heineken, Hash, Sex or Torture museums. You can also visit the Amsterdam Zoo, The Diamond Museum and the Houseboat Museum. Amsterdam is a city of museums. You can rent a bike. And last but be sure to take a canal boat ride. Amsterdam.info is good place to get information about Amsterdam.

Venice is the most famous canal city. Brugge and Amsterdam have each been referred to as the “Venice of the north.” These 3 European cities offer a delightful canal adventure, as well as a unique distinctive culture and experience.

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Motivational Speaker Jobs – 3 Kinds of Speaking Jobs

Do you want to get motivational speaker jobs?

Being a motivational speaker allows you to specialize further in your particular field while helping others reach their potential.

There are 3 types that are most common. These are just wide-ranging classifications of motivational speakers. Motivational speakers come in many forms and shapes but these 3 are the most prevalent nowadays.

The Corporate Motivator

This type of motivational speaker basically specializes in leadership motivation. Speakers in this category usually have a background in business or are significant members of prominent organizations. This leadership motivator has been responsible for managing companies and/or teams.

Corporate motivational speakers are more business savvy compared to other types of speakers. They know the ins and outs of the big business industry. They not only know how to survive in the ìdog eat dogî corporate world, they are also knowledgeable on how to beat the stress and hassles of the demanding career.

This knowledge is shared through their speeches and presentations. They will inspire businesspersons from any level or position to work harder yet smarter. They can also provide enlightenment towards living better in a challenging career.

Communication, leadership, trust, empowerment and team-building are the usual topics involved in the corporate motivators presentation. The leadership motivator will appeal more to senior people in business, such as, CEO’s, directors, senior managers and team-leaders

The Youth Inspirer

This type of motivational speaker caters to the youth, usually, college students. Most of the speakers in this field are relatively young, but that is not always the case. These speakers will share a lot of experiences, mostly from their youth, to inspire students towards greatness.

Youth inspirers are dynamic speakers that understand the adversities of the young and reckless. They can provide life skills that can enrich young lives. This type of motivational speaker is almost the same as the type of speaker, the general-motivator. However, youth speakers have a very specific target audience which is the youth.

Youth motivational speaking has become one of the most lucrative businesses in today’s world. Apparently, schools and youth organizations are willing to pay quite a fee for the speaking service. Youth speakers usually talk about leadership, overcoming peer pressure, racism, drug use, and time management.

The General Motivator

This type of motivational speaker has overcome a particular obstacle or extreme difficulty in his or her life. Some of them may be or may have been physically disabled, once down on their luck or had achieved an enormous amount of success despite the adversities that surrounded them. They have a reason to teach and share lessons to the masses by giving speeches and stories about experiences.

Considerably, this motivational speaker will provide you the know how on self motivation. However, some speakers may not really know what motivates other people but their true stories and encounters are powerful enough to give education and inspiration.

These speakers often concentrate on telling the story of their lives and achievements in a simple and effective way that people can understand and relate to their own lives and circumstances. Your story should be crafted in a way to be inspirational and thought provoking.

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Government Debt Relief Grants to Make Your Life Easier

Indebtedness or financial obligations are at the root of all troubles of many individuals across America, leading to crises in their life and depriving them of exercising the most of the significant necessities. Most of the individuals cannot access to the higher education, cannot pay medical bills, cannot pay mortgage bills, suffer credit card debt loans and conversely, elderly persons find themselves at risk for not being able to pay their bills. The single mothers are not too far from experiencing the same situations due to insufficient cash at hand. And as a result, life seems tough for them and they are at the risk of losing their important assets and even their homes, owing to a series of debt crises. However, amidst the crises, there is a silver lining for these needy individuals who badly need the financial assistance. And this assistance comes in the form of Obama Debt Relief Grants to offer them relief from adversities. The program referred to as Obama Debt Relief Grants come as a great financial assistance to the individuals to reinstate their disturbed lives and reshape the misaligned matters of their lives all in a new way and a better way. It is a great and useful weapon that can help stay away from filing bankruptcy.

In an attempt to relieve American citizens from the worst financial crisis, help them pay off debts and improve their situations, President Barack Obama has offered one of the most stable government debt relief packages based on The American Recovery Act or Stimulus Act of 2009.

Hence, there is no better idea rather than applying for debt relief grants for personal utilization and improving personal financial objectives. The whole matter may appear unbelievable, but the US government itself has made $787 billion worth of grants available for the individuals to help them financially. The grants are distributed through various organizations to qualified low-income and no-income households with children and elderly people.

Different Utilization of Debt Relief Grants

Myriads of purposes can be accomplished by using the debt relief grants. Well, that is definitely executed based on the individual’s specific needs. Be it a credit card or mortgage debt – a government grant program is aimed at catering to every financial necessity.

Different Necessities That Are Deemed For Grants

The communities and individuals can receive the grants that have confronted sudden job loss and experienced financial disturbance, owing to the corporate restructuring.

Small Businesses or Minority Business Enterprise Center can receive grants to support their struggling businesses. On the other hand, an individual receiving his or her grants can use the money to minimize his/ her business loans.

Elderly citizens and minorities who are struggling to pay off their debts for having a fixed income can apply to the grant facilities.

Apart from these, grants can be provided for meeting several necessities like energy, medical, and expenses for child care.

Hence, with an easy access to these grants, life can be better and happier.

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Property Claims Adjuster – What They Do

This professional is the one that processes insurance claims to determine whether the one insured is entitled or not to a payout. Many property claims adjusters work for insurance companies and they will be the ones that investigate claims that are related to homes, businesses, vehicles, and other insured properties. To begin the process the adjuster will speak to the one filing the claim to determine the cause of the damage. When there has been a legitimate insurance claim filed the adjuster then has to calculate the cost of replacement or repair of the property that has been damaged.

There are not many college courses that are designed specifically for those that want to enter this field. When an insurance company recruits a new property claims adjuster they will generally look for individuals that have prior experience working in the insurance industry or has a legal work background. The work hours are often irregular. One example of the reason why this is so is that if there is an accident they must investigate it could occur at any hour of the day or night.

In an insurance agency they are referred to as a staff adjuster. They will interview the one that filed the claim along with any witnesses in order to find out the cause of the damage. The adjuster may also obtain a police report to help verify the claim if a report was filed. For injury claims they may also request medical records to validate the claim. Another responsibility for the property claims adjuster has is to establish whether the insurance has a responsibility to pay the claim. After the investigation is complete the adjuster will negotiate with the claimant until both sides reached a satisfactory settlement.

Some property claims adjuster also work independently on a contract basis for insurance companies but are considered self-employed. Many times an insurance company does not need the services of the adjuster on a full time basis so they will hire one as needed. It is less expensive to hire them as needed. When self-employed the adjuster will defend the interests of the party that hires them. They generally will work for several clients over an extended period of time.

If you are an individual or business you can hire an independent property claims adjuster to help represent their case to their insurance company. Those that are self-employed will do the same job as those employed by an insurance agency but the one difference is they look for evidence that supports the claimant, which is the one that hired them. It is their job to prove the claim and not disprove it. The independent adjuster generally gets a percentage of the insurance settlement.

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Classical Music Appreciation For Children

This may only seem like an extra to you, but please don’t underestimate the importance of teaching your child to have a proper appreciation for music. A proper appreciation for music cannot be properly obtained without exposure to beautiful music. Pop, country, rock all have their place, but will just not suffice.

Think of it this way: The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart is like a six-tiered, filled and ornately decorated cake, as opposed to a popular country or pop song on the radio which is like a boxed cake mix whipped up and made in an hour. You get the idea… there is no comparison. Like it or not, quite often (not always) popular music is about what is most marketable and profitable for record companies. However, geniuses like Beethoven, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky were moved by something different, something moving in their souls. Listening to beautiful music will give your child an appreciation for what is “truly” beautiful.

Beautiful Music helps foster an appreciation for truth and beauty

Start at an early age exposing your children to beautiful artwork and music. There are so many crude and ugly things in our world, it is important that our children know how to recognize true beauty so as to lift their mind and soul to higher things.There are many programs to help you reach this goal, though none of them are necessary, if you would like to use all freebies from the library.

Music Curriculum

For music appreciation curriculum, I have enjoyed using How to Introduce Your Child to Classical Music in 52 Easy Lessons. It is easy to use and not only exposes your child to beautiful music, it hones their listening skills as they try and discern the different sections of the orchestra (brass, strings, woodwinds, etc.).

If you are wanting to teach your children more general musical theory, then Music Ace 1 & 2 software are a fun way to go. Students progress through 24 lessons on sharps, flats, pitch, durations and more. Corresponding to each lesson is a game for extra fun and practice. Music Ace 2 builds on Music Ace 1 by introducing standard notation, rhythm, melody, harmony and intervals.

Of course, private instrument lessons are always an option for those who can afford them. If not, there are many excellent “teach yourself” programs available. I know of many families whose children were self taught at a variety of instruments.

Have fun incorporating a music curriculum into you homeschool program and try to remember that it is truly an important part of your child’s homeschool education and not just an “extra.”

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Benefits of Using RV Garage Plans

As more families gain interest in travelling, more and more people have started to invest in recreational vehicles that allow them to go on trips without leaving the comforts of their own homes behind. As a result, there has also been an increase in the popularity of RV garage plans that are available on the market, all of which are designed in order to help people protect their investments better.

Due to their size, recreational vehicles require special storage. Keeping them in a normal built-in garage will not only be inconvenient, but it will also fail to give it the protection that it needs as a vehicle. For this reason, those who have invested a substantial amount of money in buying their own RVs should definitely consider investing a little more on building a separate garage for the vehicle.

There are different considerations that should be looked into in building a garage for your recreational vehicle. For one, you need to ensure that you will be building a space that will be big enough to accommodate the vehicle. There are different garage plans that may be used in order to build a space that has the right height, width, and length for your recreational vehicle. You also need to ensure that you will be building your garage using high quality materials that are not necessarily expensive.

You can go about the building task in two ways: first, you may build the garage by yourself; or second, you can hire a contractor to do the jobs for you. Either way, it will be beneficial if you get your hands on a number of RV garage plans that you may use in building your garage. This will not only help you plan the interior layout of the space, but it will also help you in coming up with the right estimate for the cost that you would have to spend for the task.

Instead of having another garage built to accommodate your motor home, you can also look into having your present garage modified to fit the bigger vehicle. The main modifications that you would have to do mainly involve increasing the size of the space inside your garage.

While going down this route may cost less than building a whole new garage, there are some inconveniences that go with this option. For one, you stand losing the storage space that you recently have, because the RV would be taking up majority of the space in your garage. Obviously, going down this route is not an option if you have another vehicle, unless you will be building a space that will be big enough to accommodate both.

In any case, you still have to get your hands on high quality RV garage plans even if you will simple renovate your existing storage space. Just make sure that you do the necessary modifications that will allow you to achieve the result that you need. If you are not particularly skilled in the area of design, make sure that you ask a professional to help you with this task, in order to lend the highest level of efficiency and safety to the garage that you will build. 

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